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Number one of two

While on vacation at ‘Buccaneero Resort’ in Cuba I wrestled with the idea to bring the Universe onto the canvas. My wife and I used to walk in the evening along the shoreline listening to the sound of waves and looking up to the magnificent sky. The night sky in Cuba seemed to be more brilliant, more in alliance with the lushness of nature and the fragrance of the tropic. Our Canadian sky with its Northern Lights shows itself in a starry pristine brilliance. The southern sky has a more feminine soft character, but still an overpowering presence. This intense vastness I tried to put onto the canvas.


Catalogued # 27 / 16" x 20" / Acrylic on canvas panel 1994



Number two of two

Painting the Red Planet as I see it was a great challenge. Photographs taken during previous Mars incursions provided only a rudiment of colours. I believe the reflected light from a brownish pinkish surface against the thin Mar’s atmosphere accounts for the redness seen from earth, therefore its name “The Red Planet”. However the real colour will only be verified by landing of an advanced probe in the future. Since the USSR break up I must assume that it will be an USA probe to show.  


In 1964 US Mariner 2 was the first space probe sent to orbit Mars. 1969 US Mariner 6 passed Mars transmitting photographs to Earth. The same year Mariner 7 flew over the south pole of Mars. On May 19, 1971 Mars 2, an USSR probe, landed on Mars taking pictures transmitting them back to earth for a brief time. Four years later in 1975 USA Viking 1 landed on Mars sending back a number of pictures. Although those frames provided important scientific information it was still removed from sharp precise images.

Catalogued # 28 / 16" x 20" / Acrylic on canvas panel 1994 



This painting of abstract reality exhibits Saturn’s fog emitting reflective colours. Those painted colours in its clarity are highly exaggerated to illustrate a visual, brilliant, and virtual unsurpassed beauty. When looking at the finished painting I thought, ‘put light on it and it will shine’.



Catalogued # 77 / 24" X 18" / Oil on canvas 1998