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Here is what the painting means. Recently our world has been infested with new or up to now little known deadly diseases; one of those diseases is Coxiella Burnetii, better known as Q-fever.



Cases of Black Pest were reported in India, Ebola in Zaire, and Cholera in Peru and Q-fever in Germany. Looking at the bacillus under the microscope one sees a beautiful array of colours. It is difficult to believe one is looking at a deadly foe.

Catalogued # 58 / 18" X 24" / Acrylic on Canvas 1996


Looking at a colour photo in a German magazine and reading accompanying explanation fostered a sudden desire to bring this picture to the canvas. The painting depicts a white blood cell carrying the possible evil “Chlamydia Pheumoniae” bacteria (in reddish brown) as seen under the microscope. A white blood cell the host of “Chlamydia Pheumoniae” bacteria (in size only 10.000’st of a millimetre) has a three-layered cell wall and is round. The purpose of a white blood cell is to destroy invaders but seems to neglect Chlamydia.


Therefore could it be that a common Chlamydia bacteria hiding in human’s white blood cells traveling through the body could be the culprit of sudden heart attacks? Mathias Maas, the microbiologist from the University of Lübeck, Germany seems to thinks so. If those findings are collaborated and prove to be correct we do have an infectious disease causing heart attacks. Looking at the bright side, if this is so, Chlamydia Pheumoniae could like any other bacteria be fought and treated with antibiotics.

Catalogued # 71 / 18" x 24"  / Oil on canvas 1997


Tuberculosis is a highly variable infectious disease caused by the tubercle bacillus. The disease may be acute or chronic and generally attacks the respiratory tract harbouring in the lungs, though any tissue may be affected. Tuberculosis is a wasting disease, often leading to death. Fortunately, in our advanced industrial world tuberculosis through immunization is controlled to keep it from raising its ugly head.

However, it still runs rampart in underdeveloped countries or places where famine and strife occur. At the present time 3 million people die of T.B. each year. 

Catalogued # 72 / "18" x 24" / Oil on canvas 1997 



This painting executed October 12, 1997 depicts cancer cells getting out of control. It shows under an immune fluorescent light micrograph a culture of cancer cells in yellow/greenish, grown in the laboratory, thriving amid human skin cells in red with blue nuclei. Billions have been spent; years of research have gone by, countless hours of intense studies and so far only limited success to show for.  The suffering, the collection drives for necessary funds, goes on. It often looked like a definite breakthrough was in the making turning out just to be another building block in the relentless struggle.

Catalogued # 74 / 48" X 36" / Oil on canvas 1997


Sorry to say, this painting defies description. All I can say, the painting appeared to me in a nightmarish dream with the odd title already inscribed. It was ugly and menacing. But bad and ugly hides also in beautiful forms; however, in my dream it was plain bad and ugly.


Catalogued # 78 / 18" X 24" / Oil on canvas 1998