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Visiting Cuba Christmas 1990 we stayed at El Tropico. Along the western beach, not far from the resort, was a fresh water run off from a lagoon into the ocean. A mangrove had established itself along the banks right up to the point where the run off meets the sea. In the evening the rising moon reflected its lights across the water touching the mangrove filtering right up into the lagoon. Often the moon was partly shrouded in a singular band of transparent haze creating a fascinating blend of light and shadow. This spot in the Caribbean stayed vividly for years in my mind. Back home it appeared over and over in my dreams making me paint it for posterity.

Catalogued # 29 / 16" x 20" / Acrylic on canvas panel 1995


The eye appeared in my dream hovering in the centre of an aura of luminous, glowing, chameleon quality contours of colours. All bad and good deeds during my life flashed through my mind.  This dream with the eye presented itself as a painting challenge to me.

Catalogued # 31 / 12 1/2" x 20" / Oil on wood 1995


“Three of a Kind” Shows the beginning of life. A single cell divided into two became one female and one male. Fusion of both resulted in a chain of continued uninterrupted creation of female and male cells over millions of years building our living world. In human terms three of a kind represents mother, father and child in ever changing order.

My effort, although somewhat amateurish, I executed as I saw it in my dream.

Catalogued  # 39 / 20" X 16" / Acrylic on canvas panel 1995



Looking at the painted bouquet it appears suspended in mid air. Painted wet on wet using black, marine blue and crimson makes the background quite dark, almost black. The subdued colours lend it a misty quality with a recognizable beauty. The bottom of the floating bouquet appears to be lifted out of the hanging planter still indicating form and shape of packed roots and moos. The end result is a realistic abstract painting. Looking closer under the light at the painting the colours show an enhanced lustre.

Catalogued # 75 / 18" X 24" / Oil on canvas 1997


When Vietnam was sinking into quagmire many a mind just snapped while searching for an elusive but deadly foe. Small motorboats crept up the Mekong on a search and destroy mission desperately trying to corner the Vietcong. Those small but heavily armed flat bottom boats would explore every small connecting side arm of the Mekong. Sometimes right into Cambodia, often ending in a dead-end bay of grass green, algae leaden slimy poisonous looking water.


All around was hostile jungle and possible encounter with dead. The boat then would back up and turn around to creep back to base. The G.I. weapon at the ready, every fibre strung to a bursting point would watch the shore. Only when the broad Mekong was reached and helicopters guided them the rest of the way the feeling of safety set in.

Catalogued # 67 / 36" X 24" / Oil on canvas 1997