The painter’s name is Bruno Alfred Lange. Bruno A. Lange, though a down to earth person, has become an exceptional gifted painter. Born 1925 in Rostock Germany, he was since childhood fascinated by painted art, especially those painted by the great masters. He would spend countless hours looking through art books and their creations. His deep in-betted wish was to become a painter. But the war with its turmoil and tribulations did put a stop to his desire. With the passing years a matter of survival took precedence in his life. A family and career accounted for his time. In 1953 Bruno A. Lange immigrated to Canada, which became his home. Besides his career and family he dappled in his seldom-free time writing short stories, poems and songs. Only in later years would Bruno A. Lange turn to painting.

Toward the end of his business career Bruno A. Lange shared office space with the late Ben Wicks, the famous cartoonist and writer. They became friends. When Ben enrolled his son Vince in a cartooning course Bruno went along.  This he followed up with a drawing and watercolour painting class. Since moving from Toronto to Muskoka in 1993 Bruno A. Lange devoted his time to his beloved painting. His desire to paint something extraordinary became so powerful that inspirations came in his dreams. Using them and adding his fertile phantasm Bruno A. Lange created three imaginary masters of a long bygone time. Those he named “Master Pale Face”, “Master Deep Voice” and “Master Tonsure”, covering 13 paintings on this website.  Based on what he thought they represent in his inspirational mind, he painted three different brilliantly executed series.

“ Master Pale Face” subjects were medical, such as bacterial and viruses. Master “Deep Voice” covered various subjects with “Master Tonsure” tackling outer space.

Most of those extraordinary paintings are shown on Aside from those above, Bruno A. Lange painted and still paints using his own style of putting on canvasses one of a kind creation. His creative style shows imagination and deep visual satisfaction. Achieved through experience, the painter’s three-dimensional canvasses portray a depth not to be seen in most other paintings. I would consider his style abstract realisms with a few excellent executed mood paintings thrown in. His one of -a-kind paintings are catalogued and accompanied by a certificate signed by the painter and a witness.  




Painting                              Catalogued


The Universe                        # 27 – 1994        

The Red Planet                     # 28 – 1994         

Cuban Mangrove                  # 29 – 1995       

The Eye                                   # 31 – 1995       

Three of a Kind                      # 39 – 1995         

Coxiella Burnetii                    # 58 – 1996         

South Asian Jungle                 # 67 – 1997         

Chlamydia Pheumoniae        # 71 – 1997    

Tubercle Bacillus                    # 72 – 1997       

The Enemy within                  # 74 – 1997       

Floating Bouquet                    # 75 – 1997       

Saturn’s colourful Haze         # 77 – 1998  

Beware of this Sign                 # 78 - 1998